SiteGround Black Friday Sales 2020: Get 75% OFF on all Plans


SiteGround is the most used hosting by most of the bloggers today and also is recommended by WordPress. SiteGround usually offers their hosting in three different services that are shared hosting(that comes in Web hosting and WordPress hosting services), WooCommerce hosting and the Cloud hosting.

Are you are looking forward to buying hosting for your websites? here is the best SiteGround Black Friday sale awaiting for you.

For this Black Friday sale, you can purchase this SiteGround hosting with a maximum discount.

The sale is started for SiteGround Black Friday and is going to end soon. Grab this deal before the deal expires. 

siteground black friday deal 2020

Many bloggers choose SiteGround as their personal hosting due to its vast features than any other hosting services.

The SiteGround provides you with the best hosting with less downtime and good overall performance. 

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    What is SiteGround Hosting?

    The SiteGround is the best website hosting service founded by a group of 4 friends in 2004.   Since then it stood among the best hosting providers serving a lot of websites. Right now it is hosting over 14 lack websites on its servers. 

    Where is SiteGround located? The SiteGround is located in the four different locations that are Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. They serve the websites with hostings from the datacenters located at these places. Here is the review on SIteGroung Web hosting.

    Disclosure:  1. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). You can consider this is the reward for our hard work for this website maintenance and content for you. 2. Siteground Black Friday deal 2020 is not live now. This deal will start in the second week of November this year. We will update this page with Price and dates soon once they announce. Till then you can explore the regular offers on the Siteground Official page.

    How much does SiteGround cost?

    The SiteGround hosting offers its hosting in four different services that are shared hosting, woo-commerce hosting, and cloud hosting. 

    The shared hosting is for bloggers who run a limited number of websites with less storage required.

    The WooCommerce hosting is for those who run woo-commerce sites and the cloud hosting is for gaming websites and big websites. 

    choose Siteground plan

    If you are a blogger we recommend you to choose the shared hosting plans which come in web hosting and WordPress hosting services. Each of these has different plans includes based on your usage. 

    1. StartUp plan

    • The startup plan if for the newbie bloggers who want to start new blogs. This plan gives you less server space which is enough for new blogs.
    • In this plan, you can host one website and in this plan, you get disc space up to 10GB and 10,000 monthly visits. You will also get free SSL and HTTPs with free Cloudflare CDN. 

    2. Grow Big Plan 

    • In the Grow Big plan, you can host unlimited websites and you will get 10GB disc space and unlimited bandwidth. You can host all your websites in this plan but the size of all the websites should not exceed 10GB
    • This plan is best suited for agencies and full-time bloggers who run many websites.
    • In this plan, you will get all the features that are available with the startup plan and along with those features, you will also get additional features like free site transfer, super cacher tools, and advanced backups. 

    3. Go Geek plan

    • This is the highest plan in the shared hosting and it is very useful for website geeks. In this plan, you get unlimited bandwidth and disc space and also you can host unlimited websites.
    • So this plan is best suitable for any blogger or agency that maintains many websites. 
    • In this plan along with the premium features of Grow Big plan you will also get Geeky features like Advanced priority support, the highest tier of server resources, one-click repo creation, and white label site management. 

    SiteGround Black Friday Offer Plans and Prices

    The below table shows all the plans available in SiteGround Hosting and their prices for this black Friday.

     Hosting PlanSpecial PriceBlack Friday OfferAction
    StartUp$14.99/Mon$2.98/Mon (75% OFF)Activate Deal
    GrowBig$24.99/Mon$4.98/Mon (75% OFF)Activate Deal
    GoGeek$39.99Mon$8.68/Mon (75% OFF)Activate Deal

    How to Grab SiteGround Black Friday sale?

    Here is a simple procedure for you to Grab the SiteGround Black Friday sale. Follow this to avail of this offer with the best discount for this black Friday. 

    Note: Here the explanation is given at a normal price. We will update the pricing details soon once the company announces the Black Friday Sales.

    Step 1: Activating the Siteground Black Friday deals

     In the above table, you can see all the plans and their respective prices. Check all the plans and choose the best plan that is suitable for you and click on the link beside the plan. 

    Step 2: Choose the Plan

    • Choose the right plan that is required for your blog. As a blogger, we recommend you choose the GrowBig plan in the shared hosting(web hosting or WordPress hosting).
    • On the plans page, choose the right hosting for you and click on the ‘Get Plan’ button.

    Step 3: Setting up Domain

    In the next screen choose the domain name you already have and continue to setup. Choose all the features you want in the plan and continue to setup.  Siteground is not providing any free domain.

    no free domain
    • If you need a new domain you can choose the ‘Register a new domain’ option which will let you purchase a new domain there itself by paying the Siteground domain cost.
    • Choose the domain name you wish and click on ‘Proceed’. If you have a domain already you can choose the ‘I already have a domain’ option and enter the domain name.
    • Choose the domain name you wish and click on ‘Proceed’.

    Step 4: Review and Pay 

    in the next screen review the plan and fill the essential details required.

    Give the payment details and complete the payment process.

    purchase information
    • After confirming click on the PAY NOW button.
    • You will then receive your payment confirmation through email provided and you can activate your account by logging into the account using the login details you provided and enter the Siteground control panel.

    After paying the money you will get the confirmation through the mail.

    Login to your SiteGround control panel and start customizing your hosting with the websites. 

    Features of SiteGround Hosting

    We recommend you buy the SiteGround Hosting for this Black Friday sale because of these features which make this hosting better than any other hosting services.

    When compared to other hosting plans the SiteGround hosting gives the users the best features like good uptime, loading speed and many more. 

    1. Loading speeds: All the sites hosted in the SiteGround hosting will have the best loading times which is necessarily an important factor for your websites to rank in Google. 
    2. Uptime: The SiteGround offers you a hosting service with very fewer downtimes. It assures an uptime of up to 99.99% of your blogs. Many reviews on SiteGround WordPress hosting review also showed that the downtimes are less in the SiteGround hosting. 
    3. Customer Support: The SiteGround support provided by the SiteGround is the best hosting. They provide 24/7 customer support for their customers. 
    4. Free features: In all the plans of SiteGround hosting they provide you free SSL and HTTPs for your websites. 
    5. Technical support: along with the best customer support they also provide technical support like free migrations and installs for your websites hosted on SiteGround hosting. 
    S.No.Siteground Black Friday Deal 2020Features
    1Customer SupportYES (24 x 7 by the Live chat system)
    2Free website migrationYES
    3Free SSL CertificationYES (for all hosting plans)
    4SSD StorageYES (For all hosting plans
    5Discount details75% OFF (get the hosting at $3.95/month)
    6Free Everyday backupYES
    7Get more Discount here (Signup Link)Grab the Deal

    Frequently Asked Questions on SiteGround Hosting

    1. u003cstrongu003eAre there any coupons for the SiteGround deal?u003c/strongu003e

      You do not require any coupons for the u003cemu003eSiteGround Black Friday and Cyber Monday dealsu003c/emu003e. You can simply use the link here to get the best discount. The deals will be active from (deal start date to end date).

    2. u003cstrongu003eWhich SiteGround plan is best?u003c/strongu003e

      All the plans in SiteGround are perfect in different aspects and all the plans include a huge discount on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

    3. u003cstrongu003eIs SiteGround better than Bluehost?u003c/strongu003e

      Absolutely yes! Based on the u003cstrongu003eSiteground customer reviews u003c/strongu003ewe can know that SiteGround is better than any other hosting company ever. The features they provide are better than other hostings.

    4. u003cstrongu003eIs SiteGround expensive?u003c/strongu003e

      Even though the price is a little higher than other hosting providers, the plans are much more worthy to purchase in SiteGround.

    Pros and Cons of Siteground


    • Affordable prices
    • Best uptime
    • Free Cloudflare in all plans
    • Free migrations
    • Easy to use cPanel
    • Daily Backups
    • Better Security with SSL and HTTPs


    • No free domain
    • Limited disc space in all plans
    • Limited CPU usage

    Other Black Friday Deals for Bloggers and Internet Marketers 2020


    Even though the prices are a little higher the SiteGround hosting is worth it. To compensate the prices just choose this SiteGround Black Friday sale and grab this deal with the best discounts. 

    SiteGround hosting is the best hosting chosen by many bloggers. 

    Due to their best features, Most of the professional’s first choice is SiteGround. The Black Friday sale is started and is going to end soon. Before this sale ends grab this deal and save a lot of money. 

    black friday cyber monday deal action button 2020

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