HostArmada Black Friday deal and sale

HostArmada Black Friday Deal 2022 : 80% OFF + $1.99 PM + Free SSL and Domain

hostarmada hosting

HostArmada is the fastest growing web hosting company, specializing in cloud-based, SSD-based hosting. Hosting plans are discounted 80% during HostArmada’s Black Friday sale.

Important Dates

  • Deal Starts on: 21st November 2022
  • Deal Ends on: 1st December 2022

Are you looking for the best Web hosting for better speed and security? If yes, I love to introduce the HostArmada Black Friday Deal now. HostArmada is a major player in the web hosting industry and offers hosting services to customers around the world.

Black Friday is an important occasion for HostArmada because it’s the time that we stay up all night to do special promotions. We’re offering up to 80% off on the occasion of Black Friday.

HostArmada Black Friday deal and sale

HostArmada has a wide range of products and services. They offer a number of different hosting solutions for various purposes. Some of the most popular solutions from HostArmada are shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, domain name registration, email hosting and SSL certificate.

HostArmada has a special Black Friday deal for users. The user will get 80% off on all hosting plans and a free domain purchase.

The company is running this offer from November 23rd to December 1st

In this article, we have talked about HostArmada’s Black Friday Deal. The company is giving 80% off on all hosting plans and the user gets a free domain purchase when they use this offer from November 23rd to December 1st.

What is HostArmada?

hostarmada homepage

HostArmada is a multi-faceted company committed to providing high-quality web hosting services. Affiliate marketing with websites running from HostArmada’s facilities has become an established niche for us, and now you can join our family and benefit as well.

HostArmada Black Friday offer

This Black Friday HostArmada brings you a wonderful offer! Get your Shared Hosting at just $2.99/month. If that’s not enough, you can get your most relevant plan on shared hosting for just $3.99/month, the best you can find.

All their Shared Hosting packages include Litespeed servers, which can handle more hits per day than other web hosting servers in the market.

With the Speed Scraper plan, you can get your very own brand-new high-speed SSD Server with 80% massive discount. Hurry and get your web hosting today! Act now and save more money.

What problems do you face in your hosting?

HostArmada is a hosting service that I use and recommend to my friends and family. Hosting is the foundation of every website and without it, we won’t be able to store our web pages online.

Hosting platforms such as HostArmada provide you with a database for your website, an email server, server space for your files and data storage. 

Best time of year to buy a web hosting

The holiday season is the best time of year to buy a web host. During this time of year, web hosting companies often offer specials and discounts on their products. Popular plans will also be on sale.

Every year, there are sales on web hosting during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holidays. These deals are only available for a limited time, so don’t wait any longer.

Black Friday offers from HostArmada, for example, offer up to 80% off their shared hosting packages through December 1st, 2022 .

How to Grab the Armada Black Friday Deal 2022 ?

To grab the HostArmada Black Friday offer and Cyber Monday Deal 2022 , you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to Offer Page

First, you need to click the offer link here. Then you will land on the HostArmada Black Friday deal page.

Step 2: Choose the shared hosting Plan

If you are a newbie, choose Shared hosting plan and hit on Shared & WordPress Plans. Here the 80% discount is added within the link. So, no need to worry about promo codes.

shared and wordpress plan

Step 3: Add the domain

Choose one of the options to connect your domain as root domain in the domain selection page.

add your domain name

Then it confirms the page as your domain confirmations.

domain check

Step 4: Pick the plan

When you scroll below, Here is the three shared hosting plans as mentioned above. Select one plan. I suggest SPEED REAPER plan for 36 months to save more money. Then hit on Select Plan button.

choose speed reaper

Step 5: Check the Product configuration

Now you will see the Product configuration page. Here you need to complete three steps.

  1. Choose billing: First you have to check the chosen billing is correct or not.
  2. Choose DataCenter: Choose a data center based on the location and where the most visitors will come from.
  3. Select Addon Booster: Do not choose anything from this section.
hostarmada product configuration

Then finally hit on Place order button.

Step 6: Add your details

On this Checkout page, you have to add the Personal information and Payment details.

hostarmada product checkcout
  • Personal information: You can enter the Name, email, mobile number and address details.
  • Payment details: You can pay the purchasing amount by using two payment systems, they are Credit card and PayPal.

Once you finish the details on this page, hit on the complete order.

Step 7: Check Order Summary

Once you complete the order, you will go to next Order summary page, once you check the details on the page go to the next page with Checkout button.

order summery

Step 8: Finish the process

Once you authenticate with your payment process, you will receive the account details via registered email along with account confirmation email. Activate your account by clicking the received link. Once you are logged into your HostArmada hosting, create / change your password.

Once you are logged into your web hosting account. The interface looks like this.

hostarmada hosting dashboard

Why is HostArmada the right hosting provider for your business?

HostArmada is a hosting provider that has been in the industry for more than 2 years and they offer an unbeatable Web hosting deal for your business.

One of the reasons why HostArmada is the right hosting provider for your business is because they offer unprecedentedly low prices. For example, you can get a dedicated server for as low as $2.45/month!

Another reason why HostArmada is the right hosting provider for your business is because of their black Friday deals. If you want to save money on hosting, this holiday season, you should definitely check them out.

In addition, HostArmada is one of the few Web hosts that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all its hosting products with no questions asked.

This guarantee is great because it ensures that every customer is satisfied with their purchase and will come back for future purchases or recommend HostArmada

Why HostArmada’s Black Friday deals?

HostArmada, a renowned web hosting company, has announced a series of Black Friday deals for their clients. HostArmada is a major player in the web hosting industry and offers hosting services to customers around the world. 

Their services include: 

  • Shared Web Hosting 
  • VPS Hosting 
  • Reseller Hosting 
  • Dedicated Servers 

The hosting services provided by HostArmada are currently at the lowest price. There is also a special Black Friday deal running on all of their hosting plans. 

The Black Friday deal is not only offering the lowest possible price but also 

  • Free domain name registration for one year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration, 
  • free website backup,
  • free DDoS Protection, 
  • free 24×7 support, 
  • Free cPanel, 
  • free Softaculous installer, 
  • free weekly backup, 
  • free full-page caching, 
  • free site builder,
  • free eCommerce shopping cart, 
  • Free blog builder, 
  • free webmail access, 
  • free WP hosting, 
  • free Google Adwords credits, 
  • free auto-installation of WordPress, 
  • free video tutorials, 
  • free WordPress themes, and many more.

If you have purchased a Web Hosting package from HostArmada INC for more than one year, you may receive free domain name registration or transfer.

HostArmada Tutorials

HostArmada Tutorials provides customers with step-by-step instructions and guidelines on how to make the most of their web hosting services. Articles offered on this site are conveniently organized into categories based on concrete technology. They are also written in simple jargon that makes them easier to understand. They are

  • Client Area Tutorials
  • cPanel tutorials
  • WHM tutorials
  • FTP service tutorials
  • Email Tutorials
  • Website builder tutorials
  • Open-Source Application tutorials
    • Ecommerce Applications
    • Blogging and CMS Applications
    • Social Network Applications
  • Google Service tutorials — Google Analytics and Google reCAPTCHA

HostArmada has multiple features to fit

Black Friday is just around the corner. If you haven’t started your holiday shopping, don’t panic. There are plenty of great deals on the internet.

One company that you should take a look at is HostArmada. HostArmada offers hosting services to customers around the world. They have multiple features to fit the needs of each customer.

If you are looking for a reliable web host with affordable prices, HostArmada is the right choice.

The company has an impressive track record in the web hosting industry. By choosing HostArmada, you are choosing a company that is dedicated to keeping your website up and running.

Why HostArmada is the right fit for you?

Most people want to start their website, blog, or business. They don’t know how to choose the right hosting service. They don’t know how to start, they don’t know the basics, they don’t know how to use their hosting.

They want to know everything. They want to start now. That’s why HostArmada is the right fit for your business. We are here to give you the best hosting experience. We give you the best support.

HostArmada Pricing

Now HostArmada’s Black Friday offer is running. HostArmada is providing 80% great discount on shared hosting plans with great speed features on Litespeed servers.

The company is offering Black Friday discounts for all its customers. This is a limited time offer. You can get this discount by using our coupon code.

hostarmada pricing

Shared Hosting plan for ONE year

Original PriceBlack Friday OfferAction
Start Dock$11.95 / Month$2.39 / MonthClick & Grab
Web Warp$16.95 / Month$3.39 / Month Click & Grab
Speed Reaper$19.95 / Month$3.99 / Month Click & Grab

Shared Hosting plan for TWO years

Original PriceBlack Friday OfferAction
Start Dock$10.95 / Month$2.19 / Month Click & Grab
Web Warp$15.95 / Month$3.19 / Month Click & Grab
Speed Reaper$18.95 / Month$3.79 / Month Click & Grab

Shared Hosting plan for THREE years

Original PriceBlack Friday OfferAction
Start Dock$9.95 / Month$1.99 / Month Click & Grab
Web Warp$14.95 / Month$2.99 / Month Click & Grab
Speed Reaper$17.95 / Month$3.59 / Month Click & Grab

This is the complete HostArmada Black Friday Shared Hosting Plans Offer. Here you will get an 80% discount on all of the above plans. 

As per my suggestion, better to pick the Speed Reaper plan for 36 months. It saves more money and renews tensions. This plan allows you to host unlimited websites with 6 cores CPU and 6 GB RAM. This is the ultimate challenge for all web hosting companies in these budgets. 

I am using the Speed Reaper Plan to host all my sites here. The technical team support is excellent. You can contact anytime via their messaging systems like Live chat, Support ticket submission, and Email. They respond within 20 to 30 minutes. In case of Live chat, they are connected 24×7 anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why do I need Web Hosting?

    Web hosting is a service that allows you to create your website and have it hosted on a server. This means that if your website gets too popular, you can scale up the size of your site by adding more web servers. In addition, this allows you to have an email list or other forms of marketing where people can sign up for your newsletter. The last benefit is having your website available all over the world without geographical restrictions.

  2. What is Shared Hosting?

    Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which multiple websites share the same server. It is typically more affordable than dedicated hosting and comes with good technical support. Shared hosting means that you have a single computer on which many websites can be hosted simultaneously. This means you will not have your own individual server but instead, will share it with other people or companies.

  3. What is Cloud SSD Shared Hosting?

    Cloud SSD Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting service that utilizes solid-state drives as the server storage. This type of hosting offers a much faster load time and better performance than traditional hard disk drive servers.
    a. There are many benefits of Cloud SSD Shared Hosting, such as:
    b. It’s easier to configure and install because there is no need for software installation or configuration. 
    c. Cloud SSD servers have a much faster boot time, load times, and response times due to their high-speed access to data from the drives. 
    d. They offer more power efficiency than other types of hosting.

  4. What are the benefits of using HostArmada Cloud SSD Shared Hosting?

    The benefits of using HostArmada Cloud SSD Shared Hosting are that you get the most up-to-date features. HostArmada is a US-based hosting company that offers shared, reseller, and dedicated servers with cloud SSD storage options.
    With HostArmada Cloud SSD Shared Hosting, you get:
    a. Automated backups. 
    b. Free setup support. 
    c. SSL certificates included free. 
    d. 100% Uptime SLA guarantee on all plans.

  5. Will HostArmada transfer my existing website?

    To transfer your website, you need to get in touch with the team at Weebly. They will be able to help you migrate all of your content and settings from your old site to the new one.

  6. How to choose the correct Cloud SSD Shared Hosting plan?

    There are many benefits to choosing the correct Cloud SSD Shared Hosting plan. 
    The first benefit is that with a SSD-based cloud hosting, you will have more control over your website’s performance and speed. This will help you get higher rankings in search engines which can lead to increased traffic and revenue. Another advantage is that with a SSD-based cloud hosting, there will be less storage space needed on your server because it doesn’t need as much physical space as other types of shared hosting plans. This means lower costs for you and faster loading times for your customers!

Final Words on HostArmada Black Friday Deal 2022

To choose the correct plan, first decide what your company needs. If you require a website that will be used by many people and will have lots of traffic, then it is best to go for shared hosting.

However, if you just want to use your website as an online portfolio or blog where no one will visit it regularly, then cloud SSD hosting would be the right choice for you.

Some Other Deals to consider

So grab the HostArmada Black Friday Deal with 80% off before 1st December 2022 . This deal will come yearly once.

HostArmada Black Friday Deal 2022

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Hostarmada is the most popular web hosting company with better speed and security for everyone. Grab the HostArmada Black Friday deal with 80% discount before its expiry. Read the above procedure how to grab the deal.


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