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Cloudways is one of the biggest companies that manages WordPress hosting, and its prices are flexible and easy to understand. Cloudways’ Black Friday 2023 sale includes 40% off four months of all hosting plans. Grab this deal now.

If you are searching for the best hosting as a new blogger, this personal Cloudways Black Friday deal is for you. 

Black Friday has arrived, and the retailers are looking to increase their sales. This Black Friday, CloudWays is giving away its best products at the best discount of up to 40% by using the CloudWays promo code 2023.

It is the best time for you to save a lot by choosing this great CloudWays Black Friday deal

cloudways black friday deals

What is CloudWays?

CloudWays is a simple and reliable hosting service that provides cloud-based hosting to its users. Despite its simplicity, this is the most popular host.

If you are a new blogger, this hosting will be best suited for you. This host is mostly chosen by bloggers and digital marketers. You can try CloudWays’ free trial before purchasing the hosting. 

cloudways black friday

Cloudways Black Friday Details

  • Start Date: 22nd November 2023
  • End Date: 30th November 2023
  • Discount: 40% OFF exclusive discount on all hosting plans for the next four months
  • Coupon Code: BFCM4030

Why Choose CloudWays for this Black Friday?

Bloggers and hosting resellers prefer Cloudways Hosting because it offers the most features to its customers. Cloudways intends to provide these features to their customers. 

a. Speed and stability

One thing that plays the most important role in SEO is the speed of the website. Any website that wants to achieve a high SEO ranking must be fast and stable.

When a website is not speedy enough for users, they will jump to another site, which will increase the bounce rate and directly impact the SEO score of the website. 

Cloudways is the best choice for you when speed and stability are the first things that matter for your website.

The CloudWays maintain their servers in the cloud and their hosting is fast enough to maintain your website and you will not be disappointed in any way for Speed

b. Security

Security is another thing that you would like to have for your website. There are a number of ways by which your website can be broken.

Your host needs to be strong and offer the best security to keep your website up and running when these things happen. 

One of these hosting services is CloudWays, which gives you the best security features for your website. The hosting plans in the CloudWays hosting package include a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to provide https for your websites.

Cloudways Hosting has a quality firewall system that will block malicious traffic to your website. This means your website will be safe from hacking bots or any other malicious traffic.

You will be given guaranteed CloudWays backups that you can schedule every half hour or every day, depending on your needs for the CloudWays hosting. 

c. The simplicity of use

The simplicity of CloudWays Cpanel is what you need, even if you are an expert coder. The CloudWays dashboard is very simple to use and can be understood by any basic user. 

With CloudWays, it’s easy to install everything, from setting up hosting to registering the CMS. 

d. Customer support

Their team is the best at giving you support on the back end. They will be available to assist you at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

There is also a knowledge base available for you where you can find documents and tutorials to find solutions to your problems.

You can also use CloudWays live to chat with expert geeks in the CloudWays hosting community forum. 

Features of CloudWays hosting

These best features are included in all CloudWays hosting plans. 

  • Free Site Migration: On all the plans of CloudWays, you can have free site migrations done by the technical experts.
  • 24/7 Expert Support: As discussed above, their expert team will be available for you 24/7.
  • Free CloudWays SSL: All the plans will provide you with this security feature. You will be provided with a free SSL certificate, which you can add to all your websites.
  • Unlimited Applications: You can host many applications like Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce and many more.
  • Pay As You Go: The best feature of all is that you can only pay for the resources you use in CloudWays.
  • You can use the service freely without restrictions after the contract.

The deals and plans of CloudWays for this Black Friday are given below. 

PlansResourcesRegular monthly priceBlack Friday offer
DO1GB1 GB RAM1 Core processor25 GB storage1 TB bandwidth$10/mo$6/mo
DO2GB2 GB RAM1 Core processor50 GB storage2 TB bandwidth$22/mo$13.20/mo
DO4GB4 GB RAM2 Core processor80 GB storage4 TB bandwidth$42/mo$25.20/mo
DO8GB8 GB RAM4 Core processor160 GB storage5 TB bandwidth$80/mo$48/mo
DO16GB16 GB RAM6 Core processor320 GB storage6 TB bandwidth$135/mo$81/mo
DO32GB32 GB RAM8 Core processor640 GB storage7 TB bandwidth$230/mo$138/mo
DO192GB [Maximum]192 GB RAM32 Core processor3840GB storage12TB bandwidth$1035/mo$621/mo

How to Grab Cloudways Black Friday Deal?

If you like CloudWays hosting, this simple guide will help you get it right now. 

Step 1: Compare the plans in the above table and click on the button beside the one you want to purchase. Or click this link to visit the Cloudways Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday Offer Page.

cloudways homepage

Step 2: Select the plan and register for the CloudWays website.

cloudways black friday pricing

This is the regular price of Cloudways hosting. At the time of signup, you will be asked for the promo code. Just enter it there. The CloudWays Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer will be 40% OFF. You will be charged the prices according to the above-given table.

Step 3: Review the CloudWays pricing and enter the code BFCM4030. Check the discount. 

Step 4: Enter the payment details and checkout to complete the payment.

Final Thoughts on Black Friday Deal of CloudWays Hosting

CloudWays Hosting is used by many users, and they review it as being one of the best hosting options for bloggers. We also recommend that you use this hosting as your primary hosting for Black Friday to maximize your savings.

If you are still looking for CloudWays alternatives, take a quick look at the below web hosting Black Friday deals.

Cloudways is giving away its hosting at a 40% discount. So, without any delay, grab your 40% discount right away now. 

CloudWays Black Friday Deal 2023

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Cloudways is one of the biggest managed WordPress hosting providers. They offer Cloudways Black Friday 2023 deal with 40% OFF on 4 months of all plans of hosting.


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